The Growing Generation Game – An RHS Membership Story

The Growing Generation Game – An RHS Membership Story

RHS Membership Growing Stories

The Growing Generation Game  – An RHS Membership Story

Guest blog by Barbara Matthews

I come from a long line of gardeners. You could say growing is in my DNA.  My mother was a keen gardener who was blessed with green fingers and half an acre of garden in the glorious Cornish countryside. I remember many a sunny afternoon spent pottering about with mum in the garden learning the craft and being in awe of the sheer diversity of plants which flourish in the mild Cornish climate.

RHS Hampton Court

Butterfly girl at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

“The RHS has been instrumental in helping me keep my children inspired…one day they will take up the growing art too”

Mum’s gardening knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious and it was inevitable that this would be passed down a generation to my sister and me who are now both keen gardeners. In fact, it started when we bought our first house. Having a young family at the time meant that finding the opportunity to garden was challenging but it was worth it especially when we could involve the children in nurturing and growing plants together. Now that my children have flown the nest I have to look for new ways to bring them back to plants to ensure that the art of gardening is passed on. The RHS has been instrumental in helping me keep my children inspired and hopefully one day they will take up the growing art too.


RHS Membership Generations

Two generations and a friendly Viking warrior

I use my RHS Membership to create fun and free days out with the family, in fact, there’s no better place to ignite a passion for gardening than at an RHS garden like RHS Wisley. The RHS gardens are an ideal place to take the children and now my grandchild to get them close to nature and to marvel at the planting. Every year mother, daughter and granddaughter like to meet-up at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show too as it’s a great family day out and there’s plenty to keep everyone occupied. This year my granddaughter was mesmerized by some of the displays (and the rather smiley Viking warrior!)  which for me is a good sign that she too will get the growing bug.

I have two more grandchildren on the way and I’m already looking forward to introducing them to the joys of gardening although I think I’ll wait a few years first!

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