Kids Gardening – Indoor Fairy Gardens

Kids Gardening – Indoor Fairy Gardens

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Kids Gardening
Indoor Fairy Gardens

In the battle to green up our grey cities, kids gardening can be easily overlooked. But as these are the people who are going to be determining our future and the future of our planet – it’s important to teach them the benefits of gardening. Plus, most children love to see things grow and to work to make things grow. But they don’t have enough opportunity to do so. So join us in stimulating the gardening-genes early with these beautiful indoor fairy gardens!

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Creating an Indoor Fairy Garden

Creating your own fairy garden can be really easy (and really cheap). Just remember, the main part is to have fun. Ask the kids to research the best plants for your conditions. If they’re going to be on a windowsill, you want plants that will thrive in direct sun (and most do). If it’s going to be in a corner or on a shelf away from a window, you want plants that love shady conditions like Peace Lilies (these will need height) and Christmas Cacti. As we know moss loves a dark and shady aspect and makes a good base covering for your Fairy Garden.

GrowRev - URBAN - The Urban Gardening Revolution - Kids Gardening - Indoor Fairy Gardens

Now that you’ve decided your location, have a look for any old plant pots, tubs, jars or even buckets you have lying around. You can be really creative here and adapt any container for planting – we’d love to see what you come up with! Fill your containers with some soil, most garden centres and even supermarkets sell container-specific soil at a really good price. Then, put in the plants you’d like to surround your garden.

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Remember your research, and to think about small plants that are easy to maintain. If you need any help choosing these plants, pop in-app and post a picture of your garden you want spruced up with the hashtag #fairygarden and #advice. Our gardening community is always on-hand to help! Plus, this can be as fun as you want it to be. To help the kids gardening, maybe let them choose a theme? You can put in cacti for a desert theme, or lots of mini-shrubs for a jungle theme. For the boys – even create a mini jurassic-land, just for them!

GrowRev - URBAN - The Urban Gardening Revolution - Kids Gardening - Indoor Fairy Gardens

After you’ve established your greenery, you can add in all the little extras that really make this special. Look around the house for any old toys, decorations or cheap ornaments that you can use. Maybe have a little craft session and let the kids make their own decorations. If you’re an adamant anti-hoarder, the local charity shops usually have a wealth of cheap ornaments and unique decorative bits – the best part, you’ll get a garden and feel good about donating (even if it’s only a £1 or £2).

If you want to add that extra special touch – you can put in stones, gems, or anything else you like into your garden. Go wild! It’s your own little garden after all. See the video below for all kinds of special touches you can make – and for tips on how to make this even more magical for the kids. Voila! You now have your very own fairy garden. Don’t forget to share your creations with the hash-tag #FairyGarden in-app, we’re really excited to see them all!

N.B. make sure you have an adult supervising this activity and keep the small ornaments and decorations away from small children!

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GrowRev - URBAN - The Urban Gardening Revolution - Kids Gardening - Indoor Fairy Gardens

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