A new & true identity discovered through gardening

A new & true identity discovered through gardening

Nichoa TonnerLike many people these days my life just became a constant merry go round and many déjà vu of everyday life. Going to work, running around after the kids keeping them organised and helping them develop. Being a wife & looking after the house & finances was all very easy and never ending until the merry go round suddenly stopped when my husband was out of work. Things got tough, trying to juggle so many things and worrying how on earth we would survive it just felt things couldn’t get better at all.

“Something deep inside just didn’t feel right”

Thankfully a stroke of luck came when hubby managed to get a job again and things started to tick back over but something deep inside just didn’t feel right still. It was me!!

Bee happy

Bee happy!

I could be a mum, wife & employee quite well, but actually being Nichola was hard. I didn’t have anything I could switch off with and have my own pleasure & happiness UNTIL I fell into gardening! I’d never been green fingered much until I decided to sow some free seeds I’d got from a magazine and thought I’d give it a go. A few months later and I had successfully grown a gorgeous Cosmos flower that even managed to attract a few bee’s. It made me so proud and happy that it carried on from there and as they say the rest is history.

“Gardening really has helped me reclaim myself back and be mindful”

I’ve had some great successes and some wonderful failures but that’s the best part about gardening, there is so much to learn its a constant education as well as getting you reconnected with nature and outdoors having a bit of exercise. Gardening really has helped me reclaim myself back and be mindful. It’s a great remedy and I highly recommended it for anyone and everyone.

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