Bank holiday weekend gardening tips

Bank holiday weekend gardening tips

Here’s your weekly dose of top tips for the garden…Enjoy…

Llson Roots Project

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The annual weeds are starting to grow – get busy with your hoe. Keep the top surface of the soil on the move once a week so seedlings cannot establish, don’t wait until the weeds take over. Planting vegetables in rows at least 6 inches apart according to variety makes hoeing between the rows easier.

Tender beans can be sown directly in the ground now, (last week in April) as they will come up after all danger of frost is past. Leave it until the middle of May if you are in the North East or Scotland. Climbing French bean Cobra and Runner bean Enorma are my favourites, but there are many varieties to choose from. White seeded runner beans can also be grown for dried seeds for winter cooking, the purple ones look weirdly grey/mauve when cooked – not so appetizing! Stake them all firmly so they don’t blow down in full growth.

Sowing seeds

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If you did not get round to sowing leeks in February in the greenhouse, garden centres will have baby plants for sale now. This is the most useful winter veggie to grow. I will plant mine now in the vegetable garden, and transplant them in June in a space recently vacated by my yummy spring cabbage or early potatoes. You can sow varieties bred specially for late summer baby leeks directly where they will mature.

Leeks Wynchbury Allotment

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