My gardening adventures in social media

My gardening adventures in social media


Looking out from flowersI am a family man who has worked in horticulture all of my adult life. Almost all of that time has been spent in one establishment. I started working at the nursery when I was a cash desperate seventeen year old studying at sixth form. I had an interest in all things botanical which had been fuelled by helping my grandad in his garden as a nipper and then by biology lessons in senior school. Growing up in a garden-less council flat, I hadn’t really considered a full-on career in a botanical direction.


However, nearly twenty five odd years later, I am still enjoying retail nursery work. I did take one year out which I spent as a garden maintenance and tree surgeon. Now, in my capacity of manager, I have accrued quite an array of skills and knowledge. I have learnt everything I know about plants and gardens from ‘hands on’ experience. The nursery also turned out to be the catalyst for my social media adventures.

I had been using Facebook for friends for a number of years but I have only been a Twitter fan for three or four years. Up until opening a Twitter page for work, I had never thought that social media and my own personal interest for plants, would be compatible with each other. However, after a short while I became hooked by the vast ‘plant orientated’ community and started my own account.

“I had never thought that social media and my own personal interest for plants, would be compatible with each other”

This has, in itself, become one of my newest interests. Instagram & Pinterest followed. And then, along comes “Garden Tags“. At firRobbie's Gardenst it seemed like a glitchy version of Instagram but as it has progressed, I have developed a real fondness for it and the developers of the platform are the reason that I am re-working some of my blogs. It has a few quirks to get over but it is basically a very easy system to use and it is full of people who love plants. I never imagined that aged 41 I would be sucked into the world of social media quite as easily. I have to say that is, in no small part, has been down to the people whom I have chosen to follow and those who have chosen to follow me. The vast majority havebeen fabulous. I have met several on various occasions and would regard them as ‘actual’ friends. Many more remain cyber friends who I would be more than happy to meet in the future.

“GardenTags…is full of people who love plants”

My field of plant knowledge has greatly widened since started plaRainbow over plant nurserynning, planting and looking after my own gardens. Working my way up slowly from a small terraced house garden to a medium one then finally my modest detached garden. This had already been landscaped when we moved in. I have kept the main design, as it was a good one, but have adapted it my own taste. It has been quite well received by local gardeners as I have participated in our towns annual open gardens on several occasions and have even opened twice for the NGS. I would in no way shape or form call myself an expert. Indeed I still have to look up answers to some questions. One never stops learning.


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