Our shared manifesto

Our shared manifesto



The Manifesto

We want to bring the the joy of gardening to everyone. We believe that we can only do this as a collective and that includes you. To spark the revolution we have to create an open and honest debate on how we can break down some of the barriers that we face and inspire the next generation. We certainly don’t have all the answers and that’s why we’re providing a platform right here for everyone to share there ideas and solutions.

Together, we can inspire industry and individuals alike to change the face of gardening. We’ll promote this content and start a dialogue with industry influencers, stakeholders and horticultural bodies to ensure our future is a bright and an inclusive one. Power to the gardeners!  Watch this space.

Here’s how to get involved

If you’re reading this you’re likely to be as passionate about gardening as I am and know of the pleasure and joy it can bring in abundance. Our only wish is for more people to enjoy the sense of achievement and wonder gardening can bring. This has never been so important as an increasingly urban and ageing population poses a significant risk to the future of gardening.  This is compounded by a shrinking numbers of horticulturists joining our industry. The good news is that there are shoots of a gardening revolution in our sector. I certainly believe that disruptive tech, environmental activism and an engaged youth can save the day.

Christine_WalkdenOver the coming weeks and months GardenTags will be publishing a series of blogs and guest blogs from the likes of Michael Perry, Christine Walkden, Jack Wallington that will showcase the people in our industry, communities and tech that are changing the face of gardening as we know it. By sharing these ideas we’re hoping to spark a revolution in the gardening industry. Indeed, the only way we can effect change is by working together as one big gardening community from the allotment grower through to Royal Horticultural Society. Our ultimate aim is to rebrand gardening and make it far more accessible for all and an attractive prospect for people seeking a career in hort.

But why should we have a common purpose to get more people out into the garden? We believe that by encouraging more people outside and into the garden we can tackle some of the biggest challenges that face the World at large today. The World Health Organisation regards childhood obesity as one of the 21st Century’s most serious health issues. Did you know this is the first generation that will not live longer than us? Getting children outdoors into the garden and excited about nature could have a dramatic impact on their physical health and mental wellbeing, leading to greater appreciation of their environment.

Michael Perry
Big change is already afoot. We’ll be highlighting some of the best ideas and successes out there from across the globe and feature interviews with the visionaries that are making this happen. We’ll also be presenting a debate moderated by Jane Perrone of the Guardian with The Skinny Jean Gardeners, Emma Worrollo (MD of The Pineapple Lounge) and Aga Otero (CEO of Repowering London). Who will be debating the issues we face in front of a live audience of journalists and horticulturalists on 17 February 2016.
We really are at the cusp of something great and want you and the rest of us that have a shared passion for gardening to join us on our mission to spark a gardening revolution. We simply can’t do it without you.

It’s easy to get involved:

  1. GardenTag, Facebook, Tweet or Instagram how you or your community are starting a  #gardenrevolution
  2. Immerse yourself in the thought provoking blogs and guest blogs –  follow us on twitter, Facebook , Instagram and GardenTags we’ll let you know when each blog is hot off the press
  3. If you’ve got something to say we’d love to feature you or publish your blog.Simply drop me a line Daniel@gardentags.com
  4. Tune into our live streamed debate on periscope on 17 February 19,00 hrs GMT
  5. Help us lobby our industry leaders and creative tangible initiatives

Let’s spark a gardening revolution together.  Power to the planters!