What is a seed drill used for and how to make one

What is a seed drill used for and how to make one

Alice Whitehead (@allotmentalice) lets us all know what a seed drill is and how to make one in this episode of the Veg Gardeners’ Glossary.

When growing your own fruit and vegetables a seed drill is something you’ll come very familiar with. A seed drill is a way of ensuring that the fruit and vegetables you grow won’t get muddled up with the weeds and enables you to follow the spacing guidelines for seeds on the back of the seed packet.  In this episode of the Veg Gardeners’ Glossary Alice demystifies seed drills and shows you how to make one. All you’ll need is either a hoe, the back of a trowel or an old broom handle.  If you’d like to see more videos like this please make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and download the free growing app GardenTags.


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Thanks Alice! We’re looking forward to seeing more ‘How to Garden‘ videos from your very productive allotment.

Alice Whitehead is a third generation allotmenteer that likes to grow, eat and get muddy – then write about it! She has two urban allotment plots, an award-winning school garden club and a green-fingered nine year old son to help. 




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