Discover 2018’s gardening trends

Discover 2018’s gardening trends

Gardening trends for 2018

We may be in the deep, dark, snowy depths of winter, but as the countdown to the close of 2017 is on, it’s time to start looking ahead and discover what’s in store in the new growing season next year. For the gardener who likes to keep a (green)finger on the pulse (or maybe you just to like to try new things), 2018 is slated to be an interesting ride into the realms of rewilding, reconnecting with nature and retro! Discover the top gardening trends for 2018:

succulent moonstone macrame

Succulent Macrame shared by @RaeRyan22 on GardenTags

1. Bringing the outdoors in

Building on the re-emergence of succulents this year, houseplants are set for a big comeback in 2018 with “indoor gardens” (but GardenTaggers were ahead of the trend already, weren’t you?!). Research has revealed that indoor plants can actually purify the air in your house, neutralising chemicals released by plastics and detergents, with some plants even providing a charge of oxygen for bursts of fresh air… And breathe!

2. Macrame is back!

Continuing with the houseplant theme, it’s also all about indoor vertical space in 2018… and yes, macramé is making a comeback! Hanging planters are no longer remnants of the 70s… so go wild with the weave and you won’t be judged (much).

3. Find your inner wild

‘Rewilding’ is set to be a standout theme in 2018. Technically, Wabi-sabi – a Japanese naturalistic art that celebrates imperfection, and features natural cycles of growth, decay, and death – is the source of inspiration. Think: moss-covered stones, weathered containers, rusty gates, overgrown perennials… it’s all about the imperfections of an ever-changing natural world. That’s great news for wildlife and those gardeners who aren’t so keen on being neat and tidy!

Vegetable patch

4. Extra helpings of veggies please!

Get ready to feast on even more spectacular home grown produce, as growing your own is slated to become even more popular in 2018! Whether it’s growing microgreens, harvesting vertical veg or planning a whole ornamental or working kitchen garden, growing your own is set to go stratospheric in 2018, thanks in part to the rapid rise in veganism in the UK.

5. Living in the moment

As our lives become ever more busy and chaotic, we tend to seek out ways to find moments of calm and contentment. Wellbeing and mindfulness are making their way into our green spaces for 2018: creating an ambience that keeps you in the moment and enhances wellbeing. Flowing water, calming hues, energising palettes, delightful scents – it’s all about capturing the moment and stimulating the senses. And… relax…


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