GardenTags Premium – Getting Started Guide

GardenTags Premium – Getting Started Guide

GardenTags Premium Shield

Welcome to the GardenTags Premium.  This is where your growing journey really begins.  Before you start we recommend that you spend a few moments watching our ‘Getting Started Guide’ to familiarise yourself with all the great features:


We’ve also put together a handy pictorial guide below.

1. Adding your first set of personalised tasks to a plant

Many plants in your garden will need maintaining throughout the year – that’s why we’ve created handy individual plant tasks, to help you keep on top of specific jobs for each of your plants! To add tasks for a particular plant, first you have to add a photo of your plant to your profile plant list. Make sure you select ‘Plant’ and then link it to the correct plant in our online encyclopedia.  Don’t forget, with Premium you can add tasks to unlimited plants in your garden.


Take a plant photo

Take a plant photo or select from your photo gallery


Select plan

Select ‘Plant’ and find the plant in our encyclopedia


Premium taskss

Select ‘Yes’ to add your tasks


Add multiple tasks

Hit the plus sign to add multiple tasks.  This will then be added to your task diary and appear in the ‘Tasks’ list when they’re due 🙂

2. Managing tasks and adding notes to your plant


Adding and managing tasks

To manage the tasks for a specific plant go to your profile page and tap on the ‘Plant’ tab.  Find the plant and then tap on the watering can.  This will take you to the plant task page where you can add or remove tasks.  If there is a little red dot by the watering can it means there are new tasks for you to add. You can even keep a journal by tapping on the little notes icon.

3. Getting the most out of your personalised plant task list

Your task list

In ‘Tasks’ all of your plant tasks are diarised.  If you tap on the video icon on the task name you will be able to see all the instructions needed to complete the task 🙂  When you select the ‘done’ button the task will be completed and automatically scheduled for next time.


If you ever need any help please drop us a line on and GardenTags team will be happy to help you out.


If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch at