Make a succulent wreath – 10 step picture guide

Make a succulent wreath – 10 step picture guide

Our 10 step picture guide to make a succulent wreath

Have you ever thought about making a succulent wreath?  It’s this season’s must have Christmas decoration.  The good news is that it’s simple to make a succulent wreath yourself.  Before we get cracking here’s what you need:

  1. Good quality pre soaked Sphagnum Moss (it’s important it’s moist before you add the succulents).  You can get this from your local garden centre or online.
  2. A succulent wreath wire frame.
  3.  U shaped fastening pins
  4. Craft wire
  5. A selection of succulent cuttings
  6. A ribbon of your choice
  7. A chopstick
  8. A pair of pliers
succulent selection

1. Line up a selection of succulents


Pre soak the Sphagnum moss

2. Pre soak the Sphagnum moss


Metal wreath and craft wire

3. Get your metal wreath ring and craft wire ready


Succulent wreath ring secure moss

4. Wrap moss tightly around the ring and secure with the craft wire.  You can use pliers to help


Remove soil from succulent roots

5. Remove soil from around the succulent roots so that they are exposed


Succulent wreath hole with chopstick

6. Make a hole in the wreath with a chopstick and poke the root of the succulent into the hole


Succulent wreath secure with craft pin

7. Fasten each succulent in securely with a U shaped craft pin taking care not to damage the plant


Succulent wreath alternate colours

8. Work your way around the succulent wreath making sure you alternate colours to add interest


succulent wreath half way around

9. Depending on how many succulents you have you can either go halfway around the wreath or all the way around


Ribbon for succulent wreath

10. Select a colourful ribbon to hang your succulent wreath. As succulents aren’t hardy you’ll need to choose a spot indoors. Voila! Your done 🙂




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