#GrowRevUrban: The Urban Gardening Revolution

#GrowRevUrban: The Urban Gardening Revolution

Gardening comrades, help us spark an urban gardening revolution! From streets to rooftops, we’re on a mission to Green Grey Britain and the rest of the world! Read on to see how you can help…

#GrowRevUrban: The Urban Gardening Revolution

A revolution a year in the making

It’s been almost a year to the day when we issued a call to arms (gardening tools in our case)! We asked you, our fellow comrades, to help us spark a gardening revolution. We could never have anticipated the response we received and the rich – and at times controversial – debate that ensued. Collectively, we reached over 700,000 people and changed people’s attitudes towards gardening. A survey conducted through the GardenTags app concluded that over 60% of people that joined us last year are now more confident in the garden alongside having accumulated far greater gardening knowledge. They’re also growing more and focused on attracting diverse wildlife to their gardens. Now, that’s what we call a result!

“60% of people that joined us last year are now more confident in the garden”

 #GrowRevUrban: The Urban Gardening Revolution
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Paving the way for an Urban Gardening Revolution

To rest on our laurels would be a dangerous thing to do as there is still much work to be done and so much opportunity to build our gardening movement. This is why we’re launching #GrowRev URBAN with our sights fixed squarely on encouraging more people in urban and built up areas to get out there and grow. This time around we’re bolstering the troops and are joined by The RHS and their Greening Grey Britain campaign. Add in your help, and we’re stronger than ever and ready to take the revolution to the cities.

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But why care about encouraging more growing in urban areas?

There’s a strong body of evidence that greening up grey spaces has many environmental, physical and psychological benefits. From helping to regulate extreme temperatures to preventing flooding and the human and economic costs that ensue. To the provision of important habitats for wildlife including pollinators through to the physical and mental wellness benefits that help to alleviate the strain on our public services. And lesser known benefits like the reduction in food miles from the explosion of urban farming projects through to purifying our air.

#GrowRevUrban: The Urban Gardening Revolution

Ok. I’m sold. How do I join the #GrowRevUrban movement?

1. Soak it up and take action

Over the coming months, we’ll be publishing a series of thought provoking and inspiring blogs and vlogs by individuals and organisations that are creating their own urban gardening revolutions. From community growing activist Sara Venn to Agamemnon Otero MBE of Energy Garden fame, we’ll also be uncovering the stories of lesser known gardening revolutionaries as well as providing practical pieces on how to get involved and take action.

2. Be part of the collective voice

If you’ve seen or read something inspiring about Urban gardening, use the #GrowRevURBAN hashtag on the GardenTags app, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to share it far and wide.

3. Make a promise

Visit the RHS Greening Grey Britain website to make your promise to plant. And to help us transform gardens from grey to green throughout the country! You can also see all our tips on why and how you can do your bit.

4. Be heard!

If you have a point of view or a story to tell, put it down in a blog or a video and send it to us at growrev@gardentags.com . We’ll be posting guest blogs at www.gardentags.com/growrevURBAN, so you have a chance to inspire others.

#GrowRevUrban: The Urban Gardening Revolution

RHS – Thank you for helping to Green Grey Britain

We are making a stand against the depressing concrete sprawl! And are calling for people to get ‘Greening Grey Britain’ by turning unloved and unspectacular parts of their neighbourhoods into something beautiful and to make their gardens even greener. Thank you for your support to help make this come true! You can find out much more about the project, get top tips from the RHS Advice Team and see what has been achieved so far at the RHS Greening Grey Britain website, or go social and use the hashtag #GreeningGreyBritain to share your photos, plans and thoughts.

So lift your trowels, spades, dibbers, forks and hoes skywards and join the #GrowRevURBAN movement.

Join the app or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to await your instructions, growing friends.

#GrowRevUrban: The Urban Gardening Revolution