How to cut back deciduous grasses – video guide

How to cut back deciduous grasses – video guide

How to cut back deciduous grasses

This week @MikeTheGardener is showing us how to cut back deciduous grasses.  Grasses are a wonderful addition to any garden and look (and sound) great in the hot summer months.  If your deciduous grasses are looking a bit ragged it’s a good time to start to think about pruning them back.  In this short video Mike shows you just how to do that as he cuts back his Miscanthus Flamingo. All you’ll need is a pair of secateurs and somewhere to dispose of the cuttings…Ideally a compost heap.


In this video there is also another guest appearance by Benson the cat who seems to be keeping his eye on Michael to ensure he’s doing a good job!

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    Well done Mike the Gardener. I have just been outside doing some tidying and wondering about one of my grasses. Decided to leave it a bit longer as it still looks rather lovely, especially with the afternoon sun shining on it. The colour of sand on a beach. Good advice as always.

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