SucculentsPlants: A Succulent Life

SucculentsPlants: A Succulent Life

A Succulent Life

Ferran Alcalà is Succulents royalty in the digital world! Read on for some true succulents inspiration…



Succulents and cacti have always been around me. I remember spending many summers taking care of them in my grandmother’s house. This curiosity has been there ever since I can remember and has led to a desire to have as many varieties as I can!

Two years ago, in view of the fact that my predilection for succulents did not cease, I decided to create an Instagram account to share images of my succulent collection. And, at the same time, discover the different varieties that exist across the rest of the planet whilst being able to connect with people who love succulents too. I also expanded my knowledge relating to plants and gardening because I had great desires to know more about this amazing world.

This year I obtained 10.000 followers and that number is increasing. Every day, a lot of people tag me in many photos of succulents, send me private messages to identify their plants and ask me for advice to take care of them.

I’m very happy to be in the succulent world, they bring me life and a desire to continue discovering more.

zebra-haworthia peyote



Q. Where should I keep my succulents?
A. Most succulent plants enjoy either full or diffuse sunlight. A sunny window ledge suits many plants . If your climate enjoys particularly strong sunshine, you may find that diffuse sunlight is better for your succulent plants.

Q. How often should I water my succulents?
A. A good rule is to always let the soil dry out between watering. Never leave succulent plants standing in a dish of water for more than a couple of hours as this will damage the roots.

Q. My succulent plant / cactus has gone soft and grey, or yellow or is dying. What do I do ?

A.This may well be a symptom of over-watering.If the plant has gone soft, yellow, grey or mouldy it is probably too late to save it

Q. Where can I buy this plant?
A.Sorry, but it’s impossible for me to source succulents on a world-wide basis or to know what stock is held in succulent plant nurseries at any given time.

*If you can’t find an answer, our other succulent-a-holics may be able to help!


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