Join us on our mission to teach the world (Yes. The world) to grow!

Join us on our mission to teach the world (Yes. The world) to grow!

GardenTags Ambassador

The GardenTags Ambassador badge

We’re on a mission to bring the joy of growing to everyone. GardenTags does this by bringing together a community of gardeners of all abilities to grow well, together… And that includes you! This is why we have GardenTags Ambassadors.

We’re already total converts to the happiness gardening can bring let alone the physical health and environmental benefits of growing…Did you know that 82% of our members say that the GardenTags community makes them feel happy and 41% of you are now using more wildlife friendly approaches too.

GardenTags Ambassadors

A GardenTags Meet up at RHS Wisley

So we’re putting on a growth spurt and would like our passionate gardeners to apply to join us and become GardenTags Ambassadors. 

So here’s how you can help others grow:

  1. Nurture our novices – give a helping hand to new gardeners and grow their confidence. Give advice and help where you can.
  2. You tell us where to go – in the nicest possible way…We’d like you to help shape the future of GardenTags by telling us what new features you’d like to see
  3. Spread the gardening joy – invite your friends, followers and people in your local area to join GardenTags for free

If you help our community grow we’ll help you.

  1. Exclusive previews of new app features
  2. Meet ups with fellow Ambassadors
  3. Shout outs and recognition to our growing community
  4. You’ll also a much coveted Ambassador badge for your website profile 🙂

The Ambassador program will continue to grow and evolve along with all of our planting horizons.  So watch this space!

If you’d like to apply please send an email to letting us know why you want to help our gardening community grow and include your username 🙂 If you’re on twitter and/or instagram please let us know your username too so we can connect.