How to get set up on GardenTags – NGS and Perennial gardens

How to get set up on GardenTags – NGS and Perennial gardens

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Whether you’re involved with the NGS or Perennial it’s free and easy to get started on GardenTags. Just follow these three simple steps.

Getting started

To get started you will need to have a mobile or tablet device that runs either Android (Play store) or Apple iOS (the App Store) .

Step 1: Download The App

1. Using your mobile or tablet device follow this link to download the n.b. if you’re searching for GardenTags using your iPad please select the ‘iPhone only’ option

2. Once you’ve downloaded the app tap on the GardenTags icon and either log in via Facebook or ‘Register’ and follow the registration process and mini tutorial.

Step 2: Create Your Profile

Your profile page (see screenshot opposite). We recommend that you add a profile picture as it’s great to put a face to a name. Please also write a small description about you and your garden. Note: If you’re an NGS member garden you may want to say when you are open to the public and include ‘NGS’ in the bio so people will find you when they search for NGS gardens to visit. You can also include a link to your page on the NGS website or own website if you have one.

Step 3 – Start Sharing

Your GardenTags journey starts with sharing your first plant or garden photo. To do this tap on the ‘camera’ icon and follow the instructions. If it’s a plant photo you can add it to your plant collection which will allow you to keep a visual record of your plants over time. It’ll also add all the information about that plant from our user powered encyclopaedia. Other members will be able to see your photos and we’re sure they’ll want to ‘follow’ you so they can see more photos from you in their ‘following’ feed.

It’s not just about promoting your garden on GardenTags it’s also about you getting planting inspiration and advice from one another. To do this you’ll need to ‘follow’ other gardeners. If you go to the ‘discover’ section and select ‘follow’ for people you’d be interested to see more from in your following feed.

Here are some people we recommend that you follow –

Profiles_4_Driftwood Profiles_4_EllenMary Profiles_4_MikeGardener

Getting the most out of GardenTags

The more you put into GardenTags the more you get back. Geoff Stonebanks, NGS garden owner has got well over 1,000 people following him because he posts photos regularly and he followers other users and comments and ‘likes’ on their posts. He now regularly uses GardenTags as a valuable communication channel to promote charitable events in his garden.

Remember…You don’t have to be a David Baily or Annie Leibovitz , it’s all about the taking part. If do have any questions or need a little help please feel free to email us at .

Here are our handy ‘Getting started on GardenTags’ video guides which contain useful tips and advice on how to make the most out of GardenTags:

The following feed and wishlist explained.

Creating your profile page on GardenTags

Adding a photo of your first plant and understanding the plant task list

Viewing your notifications and replying to comments when someone mentions you

Discover new plants and gardeners.  Using the search and hashtags

Now you’re all set.  See you on the app