You’re so #GardenHappy!

You’re so #GardenHappy!


You’re all amazing. You’ve helped to raise over £1000 for Thrive, that’s a fifth of our target!

So far, you’ve made it possible to fund over 15 horticultural sessions.

So we’ve put together this page, to celebrate everything that makes you #GardenHappy!

If you haven’t donated yet, please either use our text donation service or just giving page below, and tell us what makes you #GardenHappy!

Text THRI53 £5 to 70070

Gardening brings happiness to everyday life



Chris – @seymour5066

“After being ill recently and dealing with massive changes in my life, I’m #GardenHappy just because of what beauty plants can bring and this app can bring :)


Stephen – @stephent

“Morning… this cheers my soul as I leave for work. #GardenHappy”


Sarah – @Squares

“I’m #GardenHappy because I love being outdoors, close to nature and getting creative. I consider myself lucky to have a job I really enjoy, and get great satisfaction knowing my work is making others happy and able to enjoy their outdoor space ? it’s great exercise and good for the soul”


Mo – @mojo

“What makes me #GardenHappy… Seeing my garden come alive with wonderful plants, colour and wildlife. It has given back to me so much more than I have put in. ?”


Joe – @pianomojoe

“What makes me #GardenHappy… Smelling fresh herbs, admiring beautiful flowers, being surrounded by greenery and eating home-grown tomatoes”


Marilyn – @lovemygarden65

“What makes me #GardenHappy. I think sharing the love of gardening with other like minded people and colour to brighten even the dullest day.


Lin – @linfoster

“This makes me happy, knowing that the plants I grow are attracting bees and other pollinators. #GardenHappy”


Kathryn – @katgreen

“#GardenHappy, my garden makes me happy because it’s full of things I love.”


Elizabeth – @Hellebore

“What makes me #GardenHappy – things like this gladioli, just when I think none of my twenty plus gladioli are going to flower, boom, these just appear overnight ??”


Pauline – @flof1952

“#GardenHappy My garden is my sanctuary/safe haven where I am at one with nature and all its beauty… There is nothing better than the sound of bird song and buzzing bees amidst the peace and quiet on a sunny, warm day”


Dougal – @Dougal

“My #GardenHappy is not only shown in this pic but more the story behind it. My 81 year old father, a lifetime gardener, has recently had a major operation and has had his mobility massively reduced. I’ve been helping him in his garden & it’s been a lovely chance to reacquaint myself with the man responsible for many things I hold dear including my love of gardening. Plus, we get fresh veg!”


Ian – @bigemrg

“#GardenHappy I only really started gardening a few years ago to aid in my photography projects, but it’s now become a hobby in itself! I guess I’m most happy when I introduce a new plant and it immediately begins to attract wildlife to the garden!

fcmp C.M – @fcmp

“It’s the secondish year of gardening now and what makes me #GardenHappy is creating a garden my partner’s always desired, also the fact it helps me regain strength in my back and is slowly helping me get back to a more fulfilling life. It brings people together in a peaceful way like nothing else does and has give the opportunity to truly relax and recover from treatments. The joy of seeing everything come together through the seasons, no matter how small the change, is like a gift from the garden”

avaethan Lorna – @avaethan

“This is what makes me happy… simply sitting admiring the colourful flowers in my garden, especially after the rain. That feeling of peace and happiness. Also, sharing my love of gardening here! #GardenHappy”

2680joanne Joanne – @2680joanne

“This is what makes me #GardenHappy…. knowing that none of this border was here last summer and is only here now because I grew and planted it all. Now it’s always buzzing with bees and butterflies and there are frogs and toads in the pond that we put in nearby”

Amanda66 Amanda – Amanda66

“My biggest success this year as a novice gardener. #GardenHappy”


Joan Boston & Geoff Boston

@Joanboston | @Geoffboston

Steve – @potholegardener

Alexandra – @midsizegarden


You’ve all done an amazing job so far, but Thrives work is ongoing.

Please donate generously, and share so others will too!

Text THRI53 £5 to 70070

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