Top 5 tips to turn your flower photos into works of art

Top 5 tips to turn your flower photos into works of art

geoffboston_b If you’re on GardenTags (and let’s be honest at this point, you probably are), then you must have heard of Geoff Boston. Commonly in the ‘most popular’ discovery section, featured on GardenTags social media behind those amazing motivational quotes we keep sending you, Geoff is a photography pro. But would you believe his photos are all taken on an iPhone!? Neither did we, until he told us himself!

Now Geoff admits, his amazing garden isn’t just his own work, but his lovely wife, Joan Boston’s too. Between them, their photos brighten up the app and provide a lot of inspiration for both budding gardeners and photographers alike.

This next part is for the budding photographers, or the curious who just want to know how he does it! Geoff has created his own photography how-to, and given it to GardenTags to share with all of you! We’ll give you his top 5 tips here, but you’ll have to pop to the link at the bottom of this page for the rest.




Geoff’s 5 Top Tips:

1) Get closer, then get closer still.

2) Frame the shot

3) Use the rule of thirds.

4) Use the square format.

5) Use photo editing software





Now we’ve given you a bit of a teaser! For more information on how to shoot amazing photos, click here.

And don’t forget to pop in-app to view more of Geoff’s amazing photography (if you’re not following him already!).

GT ID & image credits;

Geoff Boston: @geoffboston

Joan Boston: @joanboston