The #GardenHappy Challenge for Thrive!

The #GardenHappy Challenge for Thrive!

005_GT_gardenhappy-02We’re kicking off the #GardenHappy challenge for all of us to show the world that gardening can be the most positive pass-time and perfect antidote to sometimes global gloom. We’ll be showing the world how gardening can make you happy and we’d like you to join us and do the same. This is your call to arms (actually gardening tools) to share as much gardening happiness as you can.

We’d also like you to help us raise money for Thrive, a charity that uses gardening to bring about positive change to people lives.

For more information about Thrive and the work they do, please click here.

But how do I help, you ask? Take part in 4 easy steps:

  1. Take a photo or post a short video telling us why gardening makes you happy
  2. Share your photo/video on all social media you can! In-app, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,etc.
  3. Donate to Thrive through the JustGiving page, or by texting THRI53 and your donation amount to 70070.
  4.  #GardenTag your friends and challenge them to do the same!

The more people we can get involved in this, the more support we can generate for Thrive to continue their amazing work, so don’t worry if you can’t donate much, just tag someone else in to help too! ? So let’s work together to help others ‘Thrive’ in the garden ?

Let’s spread some gardening happiness on Facebook:


Or even go the extra mile like @Ellen Mary to spread some true gardening happiness:

You can also view some of our other #GardenHappy challenge videos here.


If you’re on the app don’t forget to post it there too :



And if you need some more inspiration, here are some examples of how YOUR donation could help:

£20 can buy boots for a Thrive gardener

£35 can buy garden therapy starter packs including tools and seeds

£60 can pay for a therapeutic gardening session at Thrive

£100 can fund a recognised horticultural qualification

So are you up for the challenge? Lets show the world that that gardeners are a happy bunch and spread a whole lot of joy.