7 days 7 challenges – let’s see those photos!

7 days 7 challenges – let’s see those photos!

seven days seven challenges

Seven days seven challenges

National Gardening Week has finally arrived. Hoorah! I hear you cry. In celebration of our favourite week of the year we’re kicking off  7 challenges in 7 days.  Gardeners, are you game?  Here’s how to get involved:

We’ll be setting a daily photo challenge for the next seven days. The aim of the challenges are to get people out into the garden and to inspire others to follow suit (that’s what National Gardening Week is all about). It’s easy to get involved, simply download the GardenTags app (it’s free) and wait for the daily challenge to be kicked off.

Your daily challenges, should you choose to accept, are as follows:

Monday #GYO – we’d like our members to share photos of themselves in their allotments and kitchen gardens. Let us know what you’re planting and what recipes you’re planning when your fresh fruit and veg is ready to hit the table.

Tuesday #buglife – build a bug hotel and share photos of your 4,6,8,10… legged friends on GardenTags. We’d love to see what creepy crawlies are hanging out in your garden.

Wednesday #herbs – growing herbs is a great way to start a kitchen garden. Whether you have an expansive allotment or a window box anyone can get started growing their own herbs.

Thursday #birds – how many birds can you take photos of in your garden in one day? We’d love to see the diversity of our feathered friends in your garden.

Friday #containers – container planting is great for the space starved gardener or someone who wants their garden to be a little bit more mobile. We’d like to see what you’re planting up in your containers so you can inspire others to do the same.

Saturday #bees – Bee photos are one of our most popular tags. Share photos of bees in your garden and the plants they simply can’t get enough of. We’re all hoping to learn a bit more about how to attract bees into the garden.

Sunday #bestinshow – share your most prized plant in your garden or it could even be one you’ve spotted out and about. We can’t wait to see your plants shared in full pictorial technicolor.

Do you accept the challenge? Join us on GardenTags to get started.

Don’t forget to visit the National Gardening Week website to check out events near you.