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We’ve picked the best bits of our live streamed debate “The Future of Gardening:  How do we spark a growing revolution?” – Watch the highlights from our hugely entertaining and informative panel debate featuring Jane Perrone of the Guardian,  Lee & Dale – The Skinny Jean Gardeners, Nick Frost – 7 times RHS winner, Agamemnon Otero – CEO Repower London and Emma Worrollo – founder of the Pineapple Lounge.

Want to view it all.  Click here to watch the debate in full.

The debate was so rich it’s hard to pull out the best bits.  That said, here are a few of our favourite soundbites to get your teeth into:

“I have a son who’s five and [gardening is] absolutely his favourite thing he does, he feels powerful, he has agency” – Jane

“if you give them a real juicy problem to solve…that’s really motivating” Emma

“when we were at school it was never mentioned no one ever talked about gardening” Lee

“There is a lack anyone who would appeal to the youtube generation” Jane

“Why isn’t there anyone out there talking about carnivorous plants, doing a really cool tropical plants youtube channel?” Jane

“It’s not just about growing plants…it’s about retail, it’s about landscape, it’s about design” Adam

“We got 20 year old men involved [in gardening] by saying we’ll grow hops, we’ll grow our own beer” Agamemnon

“I find it disturbing when you say throw aside the knowledge and make it fun because I want to impart the knowledge”  Jane

“Professionals built the titanic. Amateurs built the Arc and the Arc stayed afloat” Dale

“There’s a fear factor to gardening that builds a divide” Adam

“Are the media reflecting the diversity there is in the world of gardening or is it still a middle class white environment” Jane

“There’s no collaborative process going on with someone who is hip and cool and who is ethnic and women” Aga

“What’s going to hook them in…creativity and design” Emma

“Let’s not be driven by money lets be driven by change” Dale

“We need variety…We need television and media to decide gardening is cool” Adam

“How do we tap into the skills of the older generations and pass it on.” Agamemnon




Here’s the official disclaimer bit…The views, opinions and positions expressed within this video are those of the panellists and moderator and do not represent those of GardenTags. The accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made within this video are not guaranteed. We accept no liability for any errors, omissions or representations. We wholeheartedly encourage all ages to have fun with gardening but would suggest children and vulnerable adults are supervised by a responsible adult. 









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